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This section contains links to e-books that address various subjects pertaining to industrial microbiology. Some of these E-Books contain similar information to YouTube videos also available at this website. We would welcome any comments as to whether you have a preference for the video format or the e-book format.

The e-books at this site are in pdf format. That format does not permit some of the more advanced features possible with ebooks in the epub format, but it does simplify opening and reading them as no special e-book reading software is required. Note that the e-books are downloadable.


The information contained in provided e-books includes the professional opinions of individuals and does not represent the policies or operations of any corporation or government agency to which they may be associated. The e-books are intended to serve solely for informational purposes and are developed from sources believed to be reliable. Statements expressed constitute current thoughts derived through analysis of available information and professional networking. E-book contents do not necessarily reflect the views of the PMF board or regulatory agencies. The PMF cannot make any representations as to the accuracy or completeness of the information presented and cannot be held liable for errors.

Available e-books:

USP Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test and In-Use Tests [note that the commpany referenced in the title page, Sense-Reflect-Act, LLC, no longer exists]

Thinking About USP Chapter <61> Microbiological Examination of NonsterileProducts: Microbial Enumeration Teets