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It is never the intention of the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum to call out any particular company when an FDA regulatory action is taken, warning letter issued, or citation made. Thus, only the reason for the recall/citation/warning letter is provided. In many cases, the same reason for a recall is listed multiple times at the relevant FDA website, so only a single example is provided to make your reading quicker. Notifications of new content will be sent to subscribers to the PMFList. The purpose of this service is to provide helpful information pertaining to recalls/citations/warning letters related to microbiological issues and to emphasize the importance of microbiological control. It is not intended to replace the information provided by the FDA, nor is it guaranteed to be complete. This page provides links to the individual sets of recall/citation information by date added to the PMF website. The sponsors of the PMF and its free content are indicated at the bottom of each update. Thank you, sponsors! 

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