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The Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum provides updates from the respective “forums” (similar to the U.S.P. Pharmacopeial Forum) for the British Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, Indian Pharmacopoeia, Japanese Pharmacopeia, and the USP Pharmacopeial Forum. Each monograph/general chapter cited will contain some material relevant to microbiology and a brief synopsis. In the case of JP forum information, only titles will be provided as the JP does not provide free access to the forum contents.  The BP makes frequent references to general chapters for which I do not have access. I will make my best guess as to microbiological relevance for the BP/JP contents, but please excuse wrong guesses. Notifications of new content will be sent to subscribers to the PMFList. The principal goal of these updates is to collect proposed pharmacopeial revisions with microbiological relevance from several of the major pharmacopeias in one place. Remember that no guarantees are made relative to completeness of this update, and you should make reference to the respective pharmacopeial form if in doubt. If you find an item of interest, please refer to the specific proposal in the specific pharmacopeial forum. This page provides links to the individual sets of recall information by date added to the PMF website. The sponsors of the PMF and its free content are indicated at the bottom of each update. Thank you, sponsors!


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