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The Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum presents YouTube videos at its YouTube channel Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO-HG1T9lzHXtOKJ67UMPLA] related to microbiological areas pertinent to a wide variety and skill levels of industrial microbiologists, among other microbiologists. The videos most often will not include an audio portion to enable viewing on any device without the need for headphones/ear buds so as to not bother others.

Comments are welcome, and in fact encouraged as these will hopefully further the educational value of the PMF content. PMF makes no representation that the content presented in its videos is fully up to date and fully comprehensive. It is hoped that commenters can supplement the material to make it more complete and more up to date, thus furthering its educational value. Content corrections are also welcome. Because the PMF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to education and sharing information, constructive comments/feedback, and the advent of new relevant information, will be used to create new versions of videos when appropriate. For example, the video "Microbial Identification" will likely by revised with a new video called "Microbial Identification Version 2" (or 3, or whatever is appropriate). This makes good scientific and educational sense since the underlying science, and knowledge base, is always increasing. The view counts will be reset with each new version, but the number 1 motivation, that of ensuring the quality of the informational material, overrides view count significance. Be advised that the comments will be moderated for adherence to a simple rule: write unto other as you would have them write unto you. Comments that do not comply with the rule will be removed, and repeat offenders will be blocked from making comments. Subscribers to the PMFList will receive notifications of new YouTube content at the channel, and non-subscribers can make use ot the YouTube subscriber feature and turn on notifications. Both approaches are free, and as always the PMF content is made possible courtesy of the PMF sponsors. If you are interested in becoming PMF sponsor, please contact dporter@microbiologyforum.org for sponsorship information. The goal is to add new content on a weekly basis. Available videos are listed below:

Microbial Identification

BCC for Non-aqueous Products [Q and A]

Reduce Testing

USP Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test and In-Use Tests

Objectionable Organisms Pertaining to Environmental Monitoring

Personnel Monitoring Requirements

Micro Lab GMP Requirements