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The Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum (PMF) was founded in 1992 by a small group of microbiologists in the pharmaceutical industry. The goal of the organization was to provide a forum for microbiologists to exchange information on microbiology issues and to interact with USP and regulatory agencies around the world.

The Newsletter Committee produces and publishes the PMF Newsletter. This publication is based on articles, questions, and answers contributed by the members and experts in the industry; it has become a valuable source of information to the pharmaceutical microbiologist.
The PMF also sponsors a public e-mail list with The Microbiology Network. This e-mail list is devoted to topics of interest to microbiologists working in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, and medical device industries.   Today, the PMFList reaches almost 5,000 microbiologists from more than 60 countries. This list aims to provide a voice of the working microbiologist on issues in the pharmaceutical, OTC and personal products industries.



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