According the the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, a White Paper is:

  • A document containing narrative text
  • At least 5-6 pages long
  • Oriented in portrait format (landscape format tends to be for B2B e-books)
  • Educational, practical and useful, not a sales pitch
  • Used before a sale, not after a sale
  • Provides facts, not just opinion
  • Includes an introduction or executive summary


Additional points:

  • Make certain not to violate copyrights
  • White papers that could serve as tools will be acceptable
  • Be sure what you submit you are willing to have disseminated by readers widely and free of charge (no copyright claims)

Other than a loosening the page length requirements, the white papers linked to below will meet the above criteria. The statement below (PURPOSE) accompanied the Newsletters that were previously published at the PMF website (available under the ARCHIVED NEWSLETTERS tab), and is reproduced here because similar conditions apply. The word "Newsletter" or the phrase "PMF Newsletter" has been replaced with "white paper", and some other editorial changes have been made. As is the case for all of the content on this website, the PMF would like to thank our sponsors who make it possible to provide this content free of charge. Comments/questions/submissions/etc. should be addressed to David Porter at [email protected]. You could also contact the author(s) directly using the contact information supplied by them in the white paper.

An article is a relevant scientific manuscript, most often one that has been published and is available via a publicly available hyperlink. Make certain no copyright is violated. Also be sure to provide proper citations for any articles you either submit to the PMF, or provide links to.

PURPOSE:  To provide a forum for discussion of microbiology issues in the pharmaceutical and related industries. The information contained in white papers includes the professional opinions of individuals and does not represent the policies or operations of any corporation or government agency to which they may be associated. White papers are intended for use in an open forum. The information in white papers   is solely for informational purposes and is developed from sources believed to be reliable. Statements expressed constitute current opinions derived through analysis of available information and professional networking. White papers and associated opinions are for information only to stimulate discussion and are not necessarily the views of the PMF board or regulatory agencies. The PMF cannot make any representations as to the accuracy or completeness of the information presented in white papers and the publisher cannot be held liable for errors.

Available Articles/White Papers


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